5 Questions for Makers

In 25 words or less describe who you are, where you’re located and what you make.

My name is Jeffrey W Roop. I am a woodturner/artist in Woodland Hills, CA and I hand turn bowls to reveal the beauty of the discarded.

What made you want to be a maker?

After moving to Southern California and doing renovations on my wife’s family home, I soon discovered how much I enjoyed woodworking. This led to a friend giving me an old craftsman lathe and the new found passion of woodturning. In turn, I upgraded my lathe and discovered the joy of making of bowls….

Why should people support your business/product?

I seek to use/reclaim felled urban timber to give it a second life rather than see it burned, chipped, or dumped. I seek to reveal the beauty of the discarded.

What is your favorite product that you make?

Natural/live edge bowls are my favorite because you can see a cross section of the tree and what beauty lies beneath the bark.

What are your five favorite tools?

5/8 inch bowl gouge

3/8 inch bowl gouge

1 inch round scraper

90 degree driver (for power sanding)

Grizzly band saw


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