The process of finishing a bowl after roughing out.

Once the general shape is defined, I begin with shear cuts and scraping. By reducing tool marks to a minimum, I can begin sanding at a higher grit.

Next, I start to sand through the grits. If all has gone well with shearing and scraping I can start at 220 and end at 320 for more utilitarian items and 600 or higher for gallery type pieces.

Brand the bottom and add some extra wood burning. The majority of my work receives the brand. If i don’t have a flat spot on the bottom for the brand it gets a triangle of dots, initials and the year made.

Do some more pyrography up the side to emphasize the grain.

Almost done….

Added some more burning to the rim for contrast. Brush on oil, let it soak in, wipe off, then ready to go.

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